Rediscover you

Are you becoming more comfortable in your role as a mama, but you’re wondering what has become of YOU?

You’re not alone, mama. I have been there, and so have so many women before us.

Perhaps you’re wondering how you can be YOU as well as being a mum. Or you may be wondering how you can juggle taking the best care of your family with going back to work. Or maybe you hate the idea of going back to a job and want to start a project or business of your own – but not sure what or how.

Or maybe you’re like me and feel all of the above, but you want freedom and flexibility over your life and your schedule so you can be there for your family.

Do those wants sound familiar?

Then click on the offerings below to see how I can support you. I am ridiculously passionate about this – as I truly believe motherhood is a fantastic catalyst for you to dig deep within and work out what’s truly important to you and take steps to walk your life’s purpose.

You don’t have to compromise, mama. You can be the woman and mama you’re meant to be. It may not be an easy road to travel, but nothing worth it is easy, am I right?

So come on, let’s get started now.

I am currently creating some wonderful resources to help you rediscover who you are. Can’t wait to see them? Sign up to this list and you’ll be the first to be sent the gifts, resources and blog posts.

The Connected Mama Mentorship is focused on you – the powerful woman who is there, waiting to be unleashed alongside of the wonderful mother you are.

As I am all about connection, I will help you one:one. We can either have a one-off chat, or we can go on a journey together.

Either way, we can understand your worries and concerns, uncover your hopes and aspirations, unleash your passions and develop a plan to help you rediscover you – in the most loving and grounded way possible.

Motherhood can be an incredible catalyst to fully embrace and discover who you are and your unique life purpose. So if you feel you have more to offer the world and want some help tapping into that – I can help you.

Click here to find out more and organise a time to chat. I believe you have everything inside of you to live the life you were meant to live. Sometimes it just takes a helping hand to unleash it.


With love, light and the belief that it’s your birthright to thrive – not just survive.

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