Here's how to find me.
Cherie Pasion
+61 423 503 926


The above contact details are the best way to reach me if you’d like urgent commentary or speaking requests.

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Topics for speaking, guest blogging or commentary:

  • How to proactively prepare for motherhood – especially the 3 most common problems professional women face in early motherhood.
  • The 4 top methods to prepare for the transition to motherhood.
  • Why stress isn’t healthy for mum or baby, and ways to reduce pregnancy and new mother stress and anxiety.
  • Ways to recharge and energise in pregnancy and early motherhood
  • How to use all 5 senses to bond with baby in pregnancy, birth and the ‘fourth’ trimester.
  • Why modern professionals need to reclaim the ‘village’ and their sanity.
  • How nature can improve the well-being of mothers and babies.
  • How to build a self-care routine into pregnancy and early motherhood.

I’ve been featured on:

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