Connected Mama Manifesto

Young pregnant woman is embracing her belly and meditating on the meadow. Selective focus on stomach.

My vision is for YOU to become “The Connected Mama”.

I envisage you to be part of a tribe of women across the globe stepping fully into themselves in this major life transition through pregnancy, birth and new motherhood and becoming Connected Mamas.

Because in being “The Connected Mama” this makes you authentic.

You’re not hiding anything. You’re not pretending to be strong when you’re not. You’re not pretending to know all the answers when you don’t. But you do know when to seek support and who that system of support is.  You know to let go of things that don’t serve you.  You know when to dig deep within yourself.

Being a Connected Mama means you will step into the chaos, but you will be supported.

You will celebrate, you will laugh, you will cry and maybe you will grieve – all with the love and support of your village.

ConnectedMama village quote

Along the way you may question your choices – but you trust you are doing the best you can and reach out for help when you need.

You will likely spend hours and days away from your child when you pursue your own dreams and interests and financial goals – but you will have a secure and strong connection with your child where you both know your place in each other’s hearts.

You will be distracted a lot of the time – getting caught up in the reality of life – but you will become aware and connect in again.

Being connected doesn’t mean being perfect.

Connection means being real. Being real with yourself, with your baby, with your partner and with the village you surround yourself with.

It also means you take responsibility – you’re not a victim of circumstance.  If your journey into this next stage of your life feels out of control, you connect in with yourself, your village, your partner and find your centre.

Being a Connected Mama is a beautiful and real path, but not the easy path.

(But I’m guessing you didn’t achieve your successes so far in life by taking the easy path.)

Looking inwards, forming and keeping connections with others can be confronting.  But it’s what makes life rich and rewarding.  Leaning into the discomfort and having discipline to take daily action – even as joyful and relaxing as many of the daily actions I suggest are – requires strength and tenacity.  It brings forth resilience and personal power – essential ingredients needed for mamahood.

The journey ahead is incredible on so many levels – highs, lows and in-betweens.

So now I invite you to step into the chaos of entering mamahood and become


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