It's Your Birth... Right? 

A Guide for Professional Women to Calmly Transition to Motherhood

"A must read for busy professionals. Written by a mum, for mum, It's Your Birth... Right? complements practical pregnancy books with its focus on emotional preparation through connections."
Cheryl Sheriff, Author of Stork Talk

  • Find out how to 'birth' yourself as a mother - your most important role yet.
  • Start your motherhood journey from a place of connection - not chaos!
  • Learn how to give yourself and your family the best start possible.

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What you'll learn in this book

Studies show that career-minded women have a harder time than most transitioning to motherhood.
Discover the secret to a calm transition to motherhood... 

Step into your nurturing self

Modern professional women work in a predominantly masculine-environment. Learn how to engage with your sacred feminine - that allows you to tap into your intuition and flow - crucial traits for motherhood. 

Discover the 4-point connection compass 

Find out how connections are at the heart of motherhood, and how to use the Connection Compass to connect with yourself, your baby, your partner and 'village' and with  nature.

Gain step-by-step strategies and activities

Be guided at each step of the compass with in-depth strategies and activities that will help you: redefine your identity, let go of fears and expectations, connect with your baby, find your 'village', keep your relationship strong and much, much more.

Pick from a menu of quick and easy ways to find calm in the midst of chaos

Learn a number of tried and tested approaches to gaining balance and calm in the midst of stress and chaos. Perfect for learning to enjoy your pregnancy during the stresses of work. Even more crucial for when bub arrives!

Relatable stories backed by science

Written by a mum, for mums, It's Your Birth... Right? is full of relatable stories and information. It's also full of wisdom drawn from ancient cultures mixed with research results and modern science.

Bonus online content

You will receive special access to an exclusive 7-day connection course - to help you start implementing the learnings from the book into your daily life. Plus afffirmations, meditations and more!

What readers are saying

Allison Muller
Director, Big Wave Ventures

Not a survival guide - but a tool to break down boundaries

"A heart-felt read that took me on a journey of self discovery and deepened my understanding of the 'new' me as a mother, strengthening my relationship with my daughter. This is not a survival guide to parenting, but rather a tool to break down the boundaries and build deep emotional connections with your child, yourself and your family. I recommend this book for all new mums and mums-to-be."

Warm, informative and practically nurturing book

"Cherie's commitment to honouring her own process has infused this warm, informative and practically nurturing book. As a professional woman becoming a mother for the first time I could have really done with this book."

Linda Wilson
Author of Stress Made Easy
Emily Morgan Director, Parenting Resource Centre

A valuable resource for modern women

"I find this book to be a valuable resource for modern women expecting their first child, or going through pregnancy again after a long gap. We need all the reminders we can get, in the masculine society working women often find themselves in, that our femininity and our natural strengths and tendencies are powerful and worth cherishing and developing. A great gift for every professional mother-to-be."

Wonderfully and gently guides new parents

"Cherie Pasion wonderfully and gently guides new parents to a calmer and happier place. I loved the way she guided me to connect with the new me, and led me to a stronger connection with my new bundle of joy and also with those around me – I would definitely recommend this book to my friends who are expecting a baby.”

Kirstie Stockx
Author of Self Care for New Mums

About the author

Cherie Pasion is an author, mother and founder of Connected Mama, helping modern women embark on the transformative journey to motherhood. She is a certified life coach, holds a Masters degree in Social Science, a diploma in NLP and has a background in designing and implementing award winning behaviour change programs. Her Affirmations for Mothers card pack has helped women across the globe, including several Hollywood celebrities. 

Are you pregnant or a new mum? Don't wait any longer - grab your copy today.

It's Your Birth... Right? is the book that feels like a warm cup of cacao on a cold day. It will help you feel nurtured and comforted, during the most crucial time of your life - when you are learning how to be a nurturer and comforter  to a beautiful little baby.

Aimed for modern, professional women, this book helps you soften into your feminine side - unleashing your creativity, intuition and inner power.

These are all ingredients needed for motherhood - and traits that we forget in the masculine-dominated workplaces we spend so much time in.

Get your copy today - after all, it's your birth as a mama, right? 

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