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For most of us, pregnancy is a time when we feel motivated to rapidly learn and change in order to give our baby the best start in life.

But what about giving you the best start to your motherhood journey?

It’s Your Birth… Right? A guide for professional women to calmly transition to motherhood takes you on a journey of self-discovery.  Pregnancy and early motherhood is a time of great change, and Cherie Pasion’s book provides a roadmap to help you navigate those changes.

When researching the book, Cherie found that many women try to apply the same strategies used in their career successes to having a raising a baby. They now shake their heads and say,  “Why did I think that would work?”

As a result, It’s Your Birth… Right? provides strategies that are better suited for motherhood, crucial for when you step temporarily (or permanently) outside of your professional role to have and look after your newborn baby.

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This book contains information and strategies that pregnant women don’t even know they need.

When you are pregnant, it is difficult to understand the changes that come with pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.  In fact, it is quite common for women to completely miss the opportunity to prepare for motherhood, thinking it’s not possible.

Many, many experienced mothers have read this book and have said,

“If only I had this book when I was pregnant.”

Used to being in control during their professional careers, they were:

  • Reeling in confusion at the lack of control they faced during pregnancy and with a newborn.
  • Experiencing an identity crisis by not being in their professional role they had shaped for the last decade, maybe longer.
  • Surprised at the isolation of being away from their work support system and receiving validation.

With the release of Cherie Pasion’s book, you now have the opportunity during your pregnancy to proactively apply methods to emotionally manage this tumultuous, exciting and precious time.

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What you can expect to get from this book

It’s Your Birth… Right? is aimed for pregnancy and the early months of motherhood. Aside from the Connect with Baby section, this book is not focused on your baby’s development. It’s about YOU and how YOU can set yourself up for a connected start to motherhood.

You will:

  • Gain strategies to help you redefine who you think you are – and help you look outside your identity as a professional.
  • Learn ways to reduce stress and anxieties that may be in your life as a result of your work and/or becoming a mother.
  • Find out how to let go of your pregnancy fears and expectations.
  • Learn in-depth techniques that will help you connect with your baby using the five senses, which will help you prepare mentally and emotionally for your baby and give your baby a very good start in life
  • Learn ways to keep your relationship strong in this time of change.
  • Reduce your feelings of isolation by creating a ‘village’ to help support and nurture you during this transition.
  • Find out how to be nurtured by the greatest teacher of feminine energy – Mama Nature.
  • Gain access to a menu of bite-sized connection strategies that you can adopt daily to keep you calm during pregnancy and in your early days as a mother.

The result of this is a more CALM and CONNECTED mindset that helps you stay centred in the middle of chaos.

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To quote Emily Morgan, the Director of the Parent Resource Centre:

“We need all the reminders we can get, in the masculine society working women often find themselves in, that our femininity and our natural strengths and tendencies are powerful and worth cherishing and developing.”

It’s Your Birth… Right? will show you how.

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Give yourself and your baby the best start possible.

Allison Muller
Director, Big Wave Ventures

“A heart-felt read that took me on a journey of self discovery and deepened my understanding of the ‘new’ me as a mother, strengthening my relationship with my daughter. This is not a survival guide to parenting, but rather a tool to break down the boundaries and build deep emotional connections with your child, yourself and your family. I recommend this book for all new mums and mums-to-be.”

Kirstie Stockx
Author, Self Care for New Mums

“I recently read It’s your birth…right? and Cherie Pasion’s passion clearly shines through. Cherie wonderfully and gently guides new parents to a calmer and happier place. I loved the way she guided me to connect with the new me, and led me to a stronger connection with my new bundle of joy and also with those around me – I would definitely recommend this book to my friends who are expecting a baby.”

Dr Linda Wilson
Author of Stress Made Easy - Peeling Women Off the Ceiling

“Cherie’s commitment to honouring her own process has infused this warm, informative and practically nurturing book.  As a professional woman becoming a mother for the first time I could have really done with this book.”

Emily M Morgan
Author and Director, Parent Resource Centre

“I find this book to be a valuable resource for modern women expecting their first child, or going through pregnancy again after a long gap.  We need all the reminders we can get, in the masculine society working women often find themselves in, that our femininity and our natural strengths and tendencies are powerful and worth cherishing and developing. A great gift for every professional mother-to-be.”

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“As a first-time mother I thoroughly enjoyed reading Cherie Pasion’s book during my pregnancy. Unlike most other pregnancy and birth books out there, this one really focused on my experience coming into motherhood and how I could best maximise my chances of having a smooth transition from professional to mother.  It was great at providing real-life examples and practical tools for how to better understand myself and for how to connect with my baby during pregnancy and once the baby’s arrived. I’ll certainly be using it for months to come as a reference point for keeping myself connected with me, my baby, husband and community which will be invaluable in early motherhood and beyond. Would definitely recommend it for any new (and not-so-new!) mum who’s interested in preparing herself in the best possible way for the arrival of a new baby.”

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