Be a Connected Mama-to-be

Congratulations on expecting your precious baby!

You are about to embark on a crazy, empowering, scary, strengthening, uncertain and rewarding journey! (Did you note all those contradictions?! Although I don’t need to tell you about that – I’m sure you are experiencing them already…)

From the moment you fall pregnant (or even start trying) – it’s a rollercoaster ride.

I know. I’ve been there. And I want to let you know why Connected Mama and my journey even came about. It was because of the emotional rollercoaster I experienced during pregnancy.

For some reason I just assumed that when I went to see the doctor and hospital for my pregnancy checkups – that they would guide me emotionally and mentally, just as much as they did physically. Boy was I wrong!

So I started on the journey of preparing myself. And now it’s my life’s purpose to help other pregnant women to prepare emotionally and mentally.

Let me take you through some of the ways you can be a Connected Mama-to-be!

Download some specially prepared free gifts and resources that will start fostering connection and good feelings straight away! Pick the gifts that take your fancy and click on the image to access your free gifts.

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Fiitsyourbirthrightnally! A book that is focused on you, mama.

There are a lot of resources out there that help you understand pregnancy, prepare for birth and help you with your baby.

It’s Your Birth… Right? however, is written by a mama for a mama. It acknowledges that you are not only birthing a baby, but also you as a mother. And it’s your birthright to not just survive, but to thrive.

Click the button below to buy your copy of It’s Your Birth… Right? and gain peace of mind for just $24.95.

Pregnancy can be a time of great joy but you might be experiencing some fears and anxieties about all the changes you are experiencing.

These online programs have been developed for you to experience more joy and work through some of the things holding you back. Best part? You can complete them in your own time, at your pace, in the places that are most comfortable to you.

Click on the images below to learn more about each course.

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PS. The 21 day Thrive program is a beautiful labour of love that is coming soon! It is healing, nurturing and simply divine. 

For a nurturing transition into motherhood, Cherie Pasion opens up a limited number of spots each month to work directly with her. Using her method, the Connection Compass, she will guide you during pregnancy to prepare for motherhood from your place of authenticity.

Your journey to motherhood is the most transformational journey you will ever go on. Let Cherie take your hand and guide you through, using the remarkable power of connection.

There are two options available:

One hour ‘break-through’ mentoring session

affirmations-25Perfect for ad-hoc or if you want to work through a particular issue.

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone and get some reassurance or some external insight that maybe you can’t see when you’re in the thick of things.

The one-on-one session with Cherie will help you uncover and release the blockers and emotions that are holding you back, right now. (Or you just want to have a chat to someone who gets it.)

The session runs for one hour over Skype. Once you pay for your session, you’ll be given access to a calender to book your spot.

6 week connected mama mentoring


The Connected Mama mentorship program runs over 6 weeks and walks you through your transition journey. Click here for more information on the nurturing journey to make your transition as stress free as possible.

Limited spots available, book your session now to avoid disappointment.

There is a variety of nurturing and nourishing support available for your needs – I can’t wait to help support you on your pregnancy journey.

With love, light and the belief that it’s your birthright to thrive – not just survive.

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