One day you were focused on your career and the next day you found out you are pregnant.  You are PREGNANT! Having a baby!

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I want to wish you my heartfelt congratulations.

You’re about to embark on a crazy, empowering, scary, strengthening, uncertain, rewarding journey.  From the moment you fall pregnant (or even start trying to conceive) – it’s a rollercoaster ride!

However, niggling away at you is the journey ahead – of having, in the not too distant future, to step out of your career temporarily (or permanently) to have your precious baby.

Research by Edith Cowan University shows that career women find this transition the toughest.  However, there is something you can do – NOW – to help you on your journey to motherhood.

Foster connection.

Everyone will try to tell you that you can’t prepare for motherhood. While there is some truth to that, i.e. you can’t possibly imagine what life will be like with a newborn,

it is possible to prepare emotionally for your transition to motherhood – through the power of connection.

Conventional care models often don’t look at the different emotions that women face when becoming mothers. Sure, your health and your baby’s health is taken care of and you start looking at your birth options. However your emotional wellness during this time of change is often overlooked.

There are 3 common issues that professional women face when they become new mothers, but they are rarely spoken about during pregnancy.  Therefore, a lot of women find themselves surprised and completely unprepared when they happen:

Who Am I?
When their professional title is stripped away, many women are left wondering who they are now.
Uncertainty and fear
And lots of them. Will I be a good mother? What do I do with baby? Will I have a job to go back to? What will happen to my business? Can I cope with the pain of childbirth?

The good news is you can prepare for these issues.  While there is a lot of uncertainty involved in childbirth and taking care of a baby, it’s possible to prepare for how you will respond and deal with this uncertainty. Going on a journey of self-discovery and proactively preparing – mentally and emotionally – will help you get a head start on your emotional health during this time of change.

To help you get started and proactively prepare for your transition to early motherhood, download the first section of my new book It’s Your Birth… Right?

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I’m Cherie Pasion, and I’m a life transitions mentor.  I help professional women emotionally manage the change from being in their careers to becoming a mother of a new baby.  I started Connected Mama based on my own journey from corporate life to motherhood (and back again… but that’s another story… )

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