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I want to wish you my heartfelt congratulations. Whether you have made the decision to have a baby, are pregnant or have recently given birth – congratulations. This transition time is very special. A right of passage, even.

When you go on a journey to give birth to and nurture your baby, you’re also giving birth to and nurturing yourself as a mother. And with this comes great joy and excitement countered with discomfort, challenges, fears and doubts.

That’s where I come in. I’m Cherie Pasion, author of It’s Your Birth… Right?life transitions mentor and positive vibes spreader. Using the nurturing framework and toolkit I’ve developed since my own transition to motherhood, I would love to help support you as you navigate the ups and downs in your journey to motherhood.  I believe that it’s your birthright to not only survive the transition, but thrive.

The road to motherhood has a few major destinations: Pregnancy. Birth. Early Motherhood. And then once you start getting into the motherhood groove, reconnecting and rediscovering who YOU are in amongst all this change.

Each of these destinations – and the bridge that transitions them – have their own unique rewards and challenges. To find out how the Connected Mama vibe and tribe can help you in each of these stages, click on the images below.

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Before you go, however, take a minute or two to meet me and see whether my vision is aligned with your values for a connected transition to motherhood. I believe that every mama is and can be a connected mama. And that we can be part of a tribe of mamas across the globe who embrace mamahood from a place of ‘realness’ and connection.

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