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Connection. It’s what all of us crave. Yet do you sometimes feel it eludes you?

That motherhood can be lonely. That you can feel lost in who you are.

I know you want that sparkle back. You already have it inside you. It’s there.

Come with me. Let’s go on a journey. Back to you.

You deserve it, mama.

Want to know more?

Here’s a very short video on what Connected Mama is about.

Don’t have time to watch?  Let me break it down here.

I believe that each of us experience moments and days of disconnection. But we’re aspiring to be the most connected selves we can be.

As mothers and people, we’re not perfect. We’re real – we make mistakes, we get it wrong sometimes. But we’re willing to get back up from the floor where we’ve fallen, and figure out how to be better. How to find another way. How to be a kick-ass and connected mama while being you. The person you were destined to be. With no apology. Authentic.

So, come and join me and the tribe. Let me help you be better connected in your heart, mind, body and spirit. And as a foundation to that, living a life supported by and aligned with nature.

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